#2 Delicious Desire (Blythe & Mac)

Rated R, NSFW

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Delicious Desire

I turned my attention to the email. As I thought, they were just coming in for a consult. I recognized Tom Shiver’s name he was always coming in but I didn’t recognize the other. Mac Waterstone. I’ve met Barron Waterstone the owner, maybe Mac is a son? Or his brother? I don’t recall any mention of one and Libby was overly vocal about all her clients and contracts.

I glanced at the clock two hours later; they would be here any minute. The small meeting room was prepped and stocked with refreshments. Clancy was downstairs to greet them as was custom.

My cellphone buzzed and I saw a text with GIF attachment from Lawrence. The text said ‘good luck, a little something to carry you through the brain blowing boredom.

I tapped on the GIF and realized I shouldn’t have since it was from Lawrence. It was a very chiseled sexy man from the waist down rubbing his erection on the opening of a well-groomed woman’s slit. My insides fluttered with delicious desire. “Jerk.” I looked over across the room and saw Lawrence snicker behind his hand and duck behind his monitor. I couldn’t help myself and I watched the five-second replay three times. Disgusted with my wanton behavior I put the phone away in my desk drawer as the background noise of my arousal turned up a notch.

I went to the meeting room as Clancy instructed. It’s what Libby always did. I wasn’t sure if it was a sexist move or not. I would have to think about it.

I stood waiting and smoothed my black pencil skirt and rechecked to make sure my blouse wasn’t crooked and my fitted jacket done up. Clancy burst through the door and held it for Tom. I know Tom I’ve met him twice briefly. Tom Middle is the typical rich boy, cocky arrogant and full of himself. His light brown hair and dull brown eyes did nothing for me. I shook Tom’s hand and then shifted my eyes to see who Mac is. I could practically hear the click of my arousal turning up yet another notch.

Tall dark and handsome had nothing on this guy. Money, power and confidence added to the heady mix of raw sex holding his hand out to me. He filled his tailored grey suit out to perfection.

“I’m Blythe Parks.”

He gripped my hand firmly, the contact sending a swarm of flutters to my core as he gave me the typical once over with his dark blue eyes. The image of the GIF flashed across my mind’s eye as he introduced himself.

To be continued…

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  1. reactionarytales says:

    Great start! Can’t wait to see how this story ends!

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