#1. Vivid Pink (Blythe & Mac)

Fore-note: Rated R, NSFW

Read from the start here: Blythe and Mac’s story 

Vivid Pink

The steady beat of my feet on the path kept rhythm with my heart as they both thundered steadily. I paced my breathing as the next song began. My brown straight ponytail bobbing along to Passenger as I ran. This song meant it was time to slow down. I already knew that, only today I took a different path and was not nearly close enough to home. I decided to play the previous song and push it a bit further today.

The early morning fog was still covering the damp ground and it was an eerily amazing view. The green trees looked haunted. As I neared the end, of the song I was close enough to start the slowdown.

“Dammit.” I cursed as the zing of pleasure fluttered through me. The past week I’ve had a peculiar problem after my morning run. I was late leaving this morning and with the detour, I didn’t have time to take care of it. I was going to be late no matter what I did. “Double dammit.”

I showered as fast as I could, put on minimal makeup to highlight my honey flecked brown eyes. Incidentally my favorite feature. I tugged my clothes on and raced out the door.

Traffic was in my favor, I got the best parking spot and pain-in-the-ass Clancy, held the elevator for me for the first time ever. I’m having a lucky day. I managed to get to my desk before the boss man aka drill Sargent Stephan Seagate strolled out of his office. I calmed my breath and started checking my email. There was a small supplier problem with the yarn wound lamps I suggested to one of the senior designers.

“Good morning Miss Parks, you seem lively today.”

I looked at my repulsive boss Mr. Seagate and did my best not to gape. Did he just say something nice? His demeanour is usually as attractive as his pitted mottled puffy face.

“Thank you sir, it was perfect weather for a run today.”  I wanted to add ‘you should try it’… but I like my job.

“I’d like you to sit the Waterstone meeting today. Clancy will send you the details.” He nodded and walked away.

I need to buy a lottery ticket today. I put that on the top of my to-do list. Waterstone was a big client of ours.

I shifted in my seat. Ugh, I was still aroused, not too bad but it wasn’t going away. It was like background noise. I scooted to the ladies room to check my makeup, I had an emergency makeup kit and if I had a big meeting, I wanted to look good. By big, it would be me one other co-worker. Probably pain in the ass Clancy Simms and two or three of Waterstone’s associates. This could be my chance to get noticed for a long overdue promotion. I did a double take. My cheeks were slightly flushed, my eyes were lively and so I applied my favorite vivid pink lipstick to perfect the look.

“Huh.” I put on some gloss and went back to my desk to prepare for the meeting. It was mostly just to listen to what they wanted and let them know if it’s in our parameters or not. It usually is.

“Morning Blythe.” I looked up and smiled at perhaps the nerdiest chic-geek alive. Tall blonde blue eyed and prettier than me. He is also the gayest man I know and my best friend.

“Hey Lawrence.”

“Heard you’re sitting in for Libby. She called in lazy, I mean sick.” He tittered behind his hand.

“Ah. Is that why?”

Lawrence leaned closer. “Better you than her, she’s getting a bit high and mighty. You look super-hot today what’s up?”

I shrugged and opened the email from Clancy.

“Ooh I see it happened again? Had a randy run did you? You just need a good stiff-”

“Lawr!” I smacked his chest playfully.

“Drink. You slut I was going to say stiff drink.” He rolled his eyes. “Although if you were a slut you wouldn’t be lascivious.”

“Ugh go away with your stupid thesaurus tongue.”

“Just saying Bly baby.” Lawrence said and walked away laughing.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved

Next Chapter: #2 Delicious Desire




30 comments on “#1. Vivid Pink (Blythe & Mac)

  1. nkdwhtguy says:

    Just started reading your blog. Like it a lot!

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  2. mywords2228 says:

    This is a great beginning to this story, I am going to read more of it. In hope it will just keep on getting better.

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  3. Great blog, totally enjoying my visit!👍💋

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  4. I’m grateful I found you. This is one the most beautifully written pieces I’ve ever seen on a blog. Hopefully you’ll be published shortly. This was spectacular beginning to end. Your characters are wonderfully written, flawed, fun, emotional, quirky, delightful and I was rooting for them from the first moment. I couldn’t stop until I’d finished. Exquisitely written, what a talent!

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  5. Your stories keep gripping hearts and not letting go. You are on to something great.

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